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Nutrition And Herbal Medicine Gold Coast

We all know that we need good nutrition in order to be healthy!

Unfortunately due to our busy lifestyles, ease of convenience and processed foods we can become deficient and even toxic on the inside. For good healing to occur we need good nutrition – like building a house from the best possible materials your body needs nothing but the best.

Our Gold Coast Chiropractor nutritionist Sophia Whittingham is skilled at determining just what your body needs to restore the vital ingredients to restore health. All too often we see people who have chronic inflammation, poor tissue repair or slow recoveries due to their poor nutritional state. Our nutritionist works so well with our other therapists to help us get you better for longer.

Over the past 30 years, Sophia Whittingham has worked with patients to improve their natural ability to heal.

Sophia Whittingham started with Nutrition as there is such a poor understanding of food as medicine and how it affects our long-term health, with Herbal Medicine as a wonderful support for rebalancing and detoxifying.

Sophia Whittingham realised that whilst most people want to change, they find it difficult to do due to subconscious programming that holds them back – which is when Sophia chose to utilize

Hypnotherapy as a way of unblocking those negative patterns.

In recent years Sophia Whittingham discovered the need for Intuitive Intelligence and Counseling so that once those patterns are unblocked we can develop steps to program what we really want to achieve spiritually, socially and financially.

Sophia’s Whittingham treatment scope explained:

Over the last 50 years our scientific discoveries have accelerated our understanding of sickness and the treatment of disease, but it is not until recent advances in understanding of neuroplastic adaptation throughout our body that we are realizing the interconnectedness of our thoughts with our physiology, organ function and energy systems from sleep to digestion.

For most of us our actions are dictated by our past experiences, and the emotional reactions linked to them, creating our thoughts and our feelings. Unfortunately, the majority of our programming sits in our subconscious brain and we are not consciously aware allowing these thoughts and feelings to continually affect our day-to-day lives.

As with muscle memory, how we feel is mostly reactionary, with our internal chemistry riding a daily roller coaster leading to fatigue and toxicity. Even when we do become aware of some of these limiting beliefs it is difficult to rewire these with conscious thought alone.

We cannot be expected to clear the mind without the body, the physiologically driven chemical changes that link to our feelings. When you are able to clear the negative subconscious patterning along with nutritional support and chemical re-balancing, then you can create lasting positive change.


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"I really like Dr Bruce Whittingham at Surfers Paradise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. Their Gold Coast chiropractors and massage therapists are very knowledge, gentle and effective. They are great for back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and sciatica nerve pain relief. I highly recommend Dr Bruce Whittingham and all the friendly staff at Surfers Paradise Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre"

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